Cake x 4

I’m all caked out! We’ve had a bit of celebrating recently and because of that, I’ve had more than my normal intake of cake. But, it was soooo good and what’s a few pounds when you’re celebrating with family!

The first one (upper left) was half of my husband’s birthday cake. He wanted angel food cake, and we added chocolate frosting and sprinkles. The one next to it was a graduation cake for my daughter and a friend from our homeschool group. They both graduated high school this year and we had cake during one of our park days.

The bottom one on the left was my daughters 18th birthday cake. It was delicious; moist and creamy with a buttercream frosting. The last one was another graduation cake for my daughter. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting – what could be better?

Cake x 4

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  1. Cyndie says:

    They cakes are all so pretty and unique. I know they were good. This gives me some ideas as I have one to make for my son’s upcoming birthday.

  2. Wow… so many fun things to celebrate! I couldn’t agree more about eating all of that yummy cake when special times are to be had with friends and family. They all look delicious!

    Take care,


  3. Tracie

    My daughter’s birthday is coming up in about a month, and I’m counting down the days until we have cake….I mean, until she is one year older ;-)

    All of your cakes look amazing.
    Tracie recently posted..Going Green With Your Old Blog Posts – It Is Recycling DayMy Profile

  4. Thanks for sharing! They are all so pretty! Now, I have a craving for cake…I wonder why? :)
    Alexandra McAllister recently posted..Healthy Smoothie Recipes And More To Help You Feel GoodMy Profile

  5. Yummy! The first one looks scrumptious… :) Very nice!
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  6. Scott

    Nothing beats a great cake and these look yummy. Very colorful too. I’d buy one if I could :)

  7. Lovely cakes! And what a great time celebrations!
    Roberta Wilson recently posted..17 Tweeting Strategies To Supercharge Your EngagementMy Profile

  8. Ruby says:

    These look so yummy! Now I want to bake.
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  9. These look delicious. Even though I love the idea of cupcakes, sometimes only a yummy and beautiful cake like these will do! Hope you enjoyed your celebrations. :)
    Rhonda – A Born Unique Mom recently posted..Customized Scented Candles Make Adorable Baby Shower FavorsMy Profile

  10. Lisa McMahon

    I love cake – probably my favorite dessert, especially chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Are they all homemade? I will make a chocolate pound cake from “scratch” but mostly these days it ends up being from a boxed mix. Strangely, the last time I was shopping the store didn’t have any Angel Food mixes. I love that with fresh berries!
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  11. There’s no such thing as too much cake! :)

  12. Very pretty! Cakes are for celebrating- thanks for sharing!!

  13. Yummy, I love them all!
    Oluwaseun Babajide recently posted..My Ultimate Guide to BloggingMy Profile

  14. So cool! I think I’m most drawn to the donut cake top left ;)
    Debbie Miller recently posted..5 Facts About Brands on InstagramMy Profile

  15. Ooh I want some :)
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  16. Oh they look so delicious. Shame I’m on a self-imposed strict diet until I’ve lost 10kg. Only 7kg more to go then I’m going to celebtrate!

  17. Tom Holmberg says:

    Nice job with the cakes, keep up the good work

  18. I liked what you’ve said – “what’s a few pounds when you’re celebrating with the family?” I’m a cake lover and I don’t like to limit myself with the fun and happiness every celebration brings. I will forget about my diet for this few in a lifetime events! BTW, your cakes look tempting! :)
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  19. MamaRed says:

    Oh nummeee…and didn’t know there was too much cake! Smile. Looks so tastee, can you pop some over my way? So awesome that you had so many wonderful things to celebrate.
    MamaRed recently posted..Pinterest Tip Put the most important information in the top 2 rowsMy Profile

  20. Love your fun ideas for cakes. My daughter will love these too!
    Carolyn Hughes recently posted..Pathway to passion.My Profile

  21. Wow! These cakes look amazing! You are welcome to come visit and bake on for me anytime:)

  22. Pat Moon says:

    I enjoyed those cakes in my mind as you told me about them.. a lot fewer calories that way. It is wonderful you had so many things to celebrate recently. Thanks for sharing.
    Pat Moon recently posted..Health & Nutrition Blogging–There had to be a Way, It Just Hadn’t Been Invented YetMy Profile

  23. What beautiful cakes! My kids always appreciate it when we have homemade cakes.
    Helene Cohen Bludman recently posted..Do You Hate Your Job?My Profile

  24. Liz Bigger says:

    Yummy!!! You did such a great job icing them! I LOVE cake!!! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Oh – super-yum :) these cakes all look really delicious… in particular that one for your daughter’s graduation (yes I LOVE chocolate!)
    Moira Hutchison recently posted..Are You Stuck in a Rut?My Profile

  26. Robin Strohmaier

    I love chocolate, too! The cakes do look delicious! Well done!

  27. This was not a good post to read at midnight! My stomach is growling seeing cake and now I need to find something to eat. Yum!
    ConnieFoggles recently posted..Steel Pier Plans More FunMy Profile

  28. Yummy – and how special that you make unique cakes for each celebration. My favorite – the chocolate with chocolate!
    Lisa Frederiksen – recently posted..Ditching Denial, Befriending ChangeMy Profile

  29. Sharon O'Day says:

    Cakes … a memory that stretches back to childhood and tweaks all that was best about that era. Different in each country, but representing the same thing in the theater of our minds. ;-) How great that you have the occasions … and that you take them! … to celebrate with such goodies!
    Sharon O’Day recently posted..Financial Independence: A Quick and Dirty Path to FreedomMy Profile

  30. Diana says:

    Looks really yummy! :D
    Diana recently posted..Chicken & Briccoli Penne – Easy & HealthyMy Profile

  31. All those cakes look so yummy. I myself am getting ready to bake a 3 tiered double layered cake for a friends cousin’s sweet 16 party.

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