Fun Meals For Toddlers

Chicken Nuggets
There are some foods that are toddler magnets. Chicken nuggets is one of them. You can buy chicken nuggets frozen and then bake them or you can make your own and freeze them for future use. You can make them baked fried, according to your own tastes. Serve them with dipping sauces, fruit slices, and a vegetable for a rounded meal. These are great meals for toddlers while you are on the go as well.

Hot Dogs or Corn Dogs
Toddlers also love hot dogs and corn dogs and they are also easy to take with you. If your child doesn’t want to eat a bun then just give them the hot dog. Put it on a stick for a fun twist. Serve with whole grain crackers, fruit cocktail, and their favorite vegetable.

Easy, Mini Pizzas
This is one of our favorite recipes for toddlers. Use tomato sauce and cheese to turn a wide variety of things into great mini pizzas. Lightly toast wheat tortillas, corn tortillas, English muffins, or wheat bagels, then top with your tomato sauce and cheese. Chop veggies really fine and saute them for a minute or two and place them on the sauce and before the cheese. You can also top with a low fat pepperoni and other favorite pizza toppings.

Macaroni and Cheese
Another toddler magnet is macaroni and cheese. Add low fat hamburger, low fat sausage, hot dogs and or some chopped sauteed vegetables for a change.

You can turn tortillas and wraps can be turned into yummy quesadillas. Place one on medium heat, top with cheese, and another tortilla or wrap and lightly toast until the cheese is melted. They are easy and make great meals for toddlers and you can add all sorts of stuff to them. Add veggies, add chopped meat of any sort, top with salsa. Have fun with it and you will come up with some great recipes for you and your family. You can also use quesadillas as a great way to use up leftovers.

TIP: When introducing a new food to your toddler, try serving it with a food that they already like.

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  1. Sally K Witt says:

    Great ideas. I love all that food, I guess that I have the palette of a toddler. LOL

    Today is Blog Action Day about food! I wrote a post here –

    Have a great week Joanne!

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