Kopali Organic Chocolate Review

Food Ideas For Families recently has the opportunity to review delicious organic chocolates from Kopali Organics. Before I get to my review, let me introduce you to this socially responsible company.


Headed by co-founder and CEO, Zak Zaidman, Kopali was created while he lived and farmed on an off-the-grid permaculture farm in Costa Rica. Our readers know we focus on reviewing products from companies that are sustainable and eco-friendly and Kopali is one of those companies.

From their website:

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Kopali products are certified organic and fair trade certified, which means you’re getting healthy, nutritious food that supports small organic farmers. It’s a win win situation for both the consumers and the growers.


We were given three flavors of chocolate to review; Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, Dark Chocolate Covered Banana and Dark Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs. I shared them with my family and got their opinions for this review also.


My husband Billy loved all of them! He never actually ate an espresso bean before but he has drank espresso coffee and he said it tasted wonderful. He said the flavor was strong and the chocolate and coffee flavor was a great combination. My youngest daughter liked these also and she was surprised she did because she does not like coffee flavors.

Both of my daughters loved the banana flavored chocolate and they both said it was just the right balance of chocolate and banana. The chocolate was smooth and creamy, not bitter as you might expect from dark chocolate.


My favorite were the nibs and I mixed the with some cashews for an on-the-go snack that I can take with me when I run errands. I’ve never liked the taste of dark chocolate, but I have been trying different ones to see if I can find one I like. The nibs by Kopali are the best dark chocolate I’ve ever tasted and I will be placing an order for more.

Kopali’s special blend of dark chocolate is roasted and crafted to be rich, but not bitter, and to balance that richness with pure sweetness. For the sweetness in the chocolate, they use the “panela” form of cane juice, which is thick and brown. It’s the completely unrefined molasses, with just the water removed, so it has all the minerals, fiber and vitamins of the sugarcane plant intact.

I also loved that they came in resealable pouches. For moms on the go, it makes it easy to to take them with you for a quick kids snack. All in all, a wonderful product created by a company you can feel good supporting.

We’ll be posting a giveaway for some of their products so stay tuned!!!

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  1. Michele says:

    I am not a big fan of dark chocolate–but I do love coffee–rich dark coffee–and the chocolate covered espresso beans sound like I might just like them, same with the nibs. I am allergic to banana so would not even attempt those! I do love that they are organic and fair trade!
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