Like A Kid In A Candy Store


I admit it – I love candy, especially chocolate – M&M’s and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups being my favorite. I love browsing though candy stores, checking out all the delicious goodies displayed in the rows of glass jars – it’s as much of a visual treat as a tasty one.

What if  you don’t have a candy store nearby.

What if the candy store came to you?



Blair Candy is a full service company that sells thousands of different types of candy, from gummys, lollipops and gum to sugar free and gluten free candy on their website.  You can find goodies for creating wedding, shower and party candy buffets and you can even order candy by color, making it easy to match to any theme you have!  Blair also carries holiday candy and hard to find snacks. Their variety and selections are staggering and if you can’t find your favorite candy, contact them for help.


Check their site for:

  • Old fashioned, nostalgic candy
  • Bulk candy
  • Candy store supplies
  • Name brand candy
  • Concession candy
  • Gift shipments


Blair Candy is a family owned and operated business, which we, at Fun Easy Recipes For Kids are always happy to support and promote. They’ve been in operation for 77 years and are locally based in Pennsylvania.


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