#LunchToday – Tuna Over Rice

We love tunafish in our house so when we were invited to try Star Kist Tuna Creations, we were more than happy to give our opinion. We’d never had flavored tuna fish before so we were looking forward to trying it out.




It came with a recipe for Sweet & Spicy Mandarin Salad, but we didn’t have all the ingredients to make it, so it’s on our shopping list. My daughter decided to have it over southwestern rice instead, so we made the rice and placed the tuna on top. She said it was delicious and she loved the flavor! I didn’t have any of the rice, but the tuna was really good! Like I said, I’d never had flavored tuna before and I will definitely have it again. My older daughter enjoyed it also and said it tasted like the sweet & sour dishes we get from our local Chinese restaurant.


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