Not Your Average Sandwich

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If the idea of a sandwich makes you think about peanut butter and jelly or ham and cheese, you should try some of the more exotic sandwiches that are out there. Although classic standbys are great every one in a while, you can expand your options with a variety of unique and delicious sandwiches.

Exotic Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

If a grilled cheese sandwich makes you think of classic cheddar or American cheese, you should explore your other options. Simply using a unique cheese, such as a spicy pepper jack, can really wake up your grilled cheese sandwich.  Making your sandwich on thick slices of Texas toast makes for an even more filling meal. Try loading up your grilled cheese sandwich with cold cuts for a heartier sandwich, or add other favorites such as bacon or tomatoes.

Sweet Sandwiches

Known by many as a “fluffernutter sandwich,” this sweet yet filling sandwich is filled with a combination of peanut butter and marshmallow cream. To make your sandwich even sweeter, you can add a touch of honey, and adding bananas helps to make this sweet sandwich just a tad bit healthier.

Sandwiches with Au Jus

If you are unsure if you want something with a home-style flavor or if you would prefer a sandwich, you can try a combination of both by enjoying your sandwich with a side of au jus, or a thin yet flavorful liquid that is similar to gravy. Au jus is traditionally served alongside roast beef sandwiches, but you can try it with other meat-filled sandwiches as well. You can either serve the au jus on the side for dipping as you eat, or you can pile it on the inside of your sandwich for a messy yet delicious meal.


For an exciting change of pace from your more traditional sandwich, you can always try a filling cheesesteak. Filled with thinly sliced sauteed steak and cheese, you can also add your choice of peppers, onions, mushrooms and other toppings. Cheesesteaks are also sometimes prepared with chicken.

Barbecue Sandwiches

Sandwiches made from pulled pork are a favorite in many areas, and they can be enjoyed by anyone. Some of these tasty sandwiches are made from pulled pork that is covered in barbecue sauce, while others include a vinegar-based sauce. Some barbecue sandwiches are spicy, while others are a little more tame, and you can even wake yours up with a couple of shots of hot sauce.

Many people eat their barbecue sandwiches plain, as their accompanying sauce usually has more than enough flavor. However, some like to add mayonnaise, while others top their barbecue with cole slaw before putting on the top of the bun.

The joy of a sandwich is the ease of customizing it to your personal tastes, whether you are ordering it from a restaurant or making it at home. Try adding a few unexpected ingredients to your next sandwich, and you might find that you have created the perfect sandwich.

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