Popular Latin Dishes

My family enjoys tacos and quesadillas and it’s a frequent dinner request around here. What I love is how easy it is to use leftover vegetables and meats in these simple to prepare dishes.

When my children wanted to start learning how to cook, tacos was one of the meals we started with. Cutting up the vegetables, mixing in seasonings and sauce, and putting the tacos together was a great way for them to be involved in preparing a meal.

One dish that we have yet to try is empanadas. Since I’m a vegetarian, I would love to create a vegetarian empanada. I’ve seen them made with refried beans but I don’t care for them. I was thinking of trying something with mushrooms, garbanzo beans and vegetables. I’ll make sure I share it when I make it.

Which of these favorite Latin dishes have you tried and what is your favorite?

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