Snack Pack Pudding: Apple Pie A La Mode {yummy}


We love pudding in our family – all kinds too. My personal favorite is chocolate but my family also likes tapioca, butterscotch and probably every other flavor known to mankind.

Since I’ve been trying to lose 15 pounds, I’ve substituted my regular snacks for fat free ones. One of my new go-to snacks is Snack Pack Fat Free Chocolate Pudding. I always have a four pack sitting in my fridge. It’s a tasty cup of awesomeness for a chocoholic like me.

When we were asked to review their new Bakery Shop puddings, I knew it was going to be delicious because it’s one of our favorite brands. They sent us Apple Pie A La Mode to try, which is actually one of the flavors we’ve never had before.



As you can see, there’s only 100 calories in each cup, no trans fat or high fructose corn syrup and 30% calcium. The little cups make it a perfect on the go snack and you’ll usually find a couple of them in our small cooler when we go out for the day.


Like all the other Snack Pack puddings we’ve tried, it was very creamy and smooth. My husband commented that it smelled just like an apple pie! My daughters each tried one and both of them said it it tasted like a fresh baked apple pie and they really enjoyed it. Because we’ve tried, and loved, other Snack Pack flavors, this one had a lot to live up to and it didn’t disappoint.

In a word — yummy!!! :-)

Also, because we love to highlight companies that give back, I want to mention that Con Agra Foods is a sponsor of Feeding America.  Look for the red pushpin on specially marked ConAgra Foods products, enter the code at and donate a meal to this organization. Since 1993, The Con Agra Foods Foundation has donated more than 36 million dollars to Feeding America. I like to make it a point to support companies that are committed to helping communities across our country.


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