Halloween Recipes For Kids


Boo!! :) This is such a great time of the year to try making your own Halloween treats! You’ll probably already have a lot of the following items on hand already and what you don’t, is easily found in your local supermarket. Most of these Halloween recipes are easy enough so that […] Read more »

Fun Snacks For Kids


When your child, or grandchild, starts to show an interest in learning how to cook, a snack might be the best place to have them start. None of the snacks listed here require any baking at all. Make one tonight!! :-) Fun Snacks For Kids 1. Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich […] Read more »

Make These No-Bake Cookies and Host a Bake Sale!


Looking for a fun activity to do with your kids?  Host a bake sale!  Here are eight super safe and super easy no-bake cookie recipes that would be best-sellers.  You won’t need an oven, stove or other dangerous heat source – only a microwave! Skinny Mint Cookies Yield: 30-36 cookies Ingredients: […] Read more »